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Pelican 9490 Remote Area Lighting System


This one takes the 9480 and adds a few key features for only a couple of bucks more. The latest from Pelican in RALS with iPhone integration for remote activation/deactivation. Add to this the fact that it has hot swappable batteries and a maximum output of 4000 lumens! This is a favourite at Absafe for working in confined space and away from power supplies because of the longer 1.8 metre boom/arm and flexible light output options. The best bit is that if you have multiple lights set up, you can turn them on before entering and off after you leave a confined space simply by using the App. All staff can pair their phones with the lights, so anyone can turn them on or off as needed, or adjust the light output - we think this is a great use of apps/technology for good and not evil!


  • Up to 6,000 lumens (calculated)
  • Up to 24 hrs of run time
  • Intelligent Control (allows or various light output levels)
  • Maintenance free LED array with 50,000 hour life expectancy
  • Built Pelican Tough & Tested
  • Full time battery level indication with low level flashing indicator
  • Deployable 6'/1.8mt mast with 340 degree rotation
  • Multiple deployment positions
  • Silicone rubber keypad switch
  • Convenient shoulder strap
  • Quick release / Hot swappable battery design with 12 volt power supply
  • Free Bluetooth iPhone® App Controls Multiple Units


Colours: Yellow, Black

Weight: 14.5 kgs (with battery)

Part Number: 094900-0000