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3M Peltor Tactical XP Headsets


The 3M Peltor Tactical XP is equipped with many functions that further improve your opportunities to hear what you want while remaining protected from harmful noise. Each function and its settings are indicated by a voice message. Functions such as equalizer, balance and a high amplification make this type of product one of the most advanced on the market.
  • Level dependent function that lets you hear ambient sound: conversation, machine sounds and warning signals, etc.
  • Electronic voice guided menu system
  • Equipped with the following functions: volume for the level dependent function, balance, adjustable release time, equalizer, volume for external input and external input mode
  • Leather covered head band for durability and comfort.
  • Last setting is stored when switched off
  • Automatic shut-off after two hours if no function is used
  • Two Way Comm
  • Level Dependent
  • Operating time - about 1000 hours (standard)
  • Battery type - AA (2x 1.5V)
  • MT1H7F2-07 J11 connection Folding Headband Headset - 390g, Class 5 28dB
  • MT1H7B2-07 J11 connection Neckband Headset - 375g, Class 5 28dB
  • MT1H7F2 Standard Folding Headband Headset - 390g, Class 5 28dB
  • MT1H7P3E2-77 Flex Helmet Attachment Headset - 390g, Class 5 30dB