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Petzl ABSORBICA Y MGO Tie-Back Double Lanyard

Twin / Double Y-shaped elasticated lanyard with Tie Back Loops and energy absorber, with MGOs (Scaffold hooks). Designed for movement on high construction sites or metal structures, allowing movement while remaining connected. Allows easy movement on large metallic structures using the two arms and large MGO connectors. Captive eye design of the MGO connector helps prevent dropping or cross-loading the connector.


  • Designed for passing intermediate anchor points on fixed protection
  • The energy of the fall is absorbed by the tearing of specific webbing
  • Energy absorber end equipped with String
  • Comes complete with 2 x MGO connectors/scaff hooks and 1 Tri-act attachment karabiner.


Max length (with connectors):  180 cm

Maximum length of torn lanyard:  320 cm

Max Clearance for Fall (FF2):   6000 cm

Standards:  CE EN 355, EN 354, EAC

Weight:   2190 kg



Model: L64YUT150