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Petzl ROLLCLIP A Karabiner with pulley


Karabiner with pulley. Opens toward pulley for easy rope in/out, without removing karabiner from anchor.

The Petzl Rollclip Snap Lock karabiner has an integrated pulley wheel which helps reduce friction / rope drag. Ideal for use in situations where a moving rope needs to be deviated but space is limited or weight of equipment is an issue.

Add it to your assender to make long jugs less stressful, hang it on your harness to rig hauling systems or use it for rescues.


Rope Diameter Compatibility - 7mm to 13mm
Maximum Working Load - 2kN x 2 = 4kN

Sheave Diameter:   18mm

Pulley Efficiency:   85%

Certifications - CE, EN12275, EN12278, EAC

Weight:  105 grams


Model:   P74