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PFH Australia


PFH Mega Bolt Plate Hanger (16mm)


PFH Mega Bolt plates are Australian made and pretty unique being made from 6mm (.240") Stainless Steel, not like the 2-3mm most are made of. These Mega Hangers are rated to a staggering 7,000 kgs and have a 16mm Ø hole.

All edges except the bolt holes have a 2.3mm (3/32″) radius. This allows rope to run through the hanger, or rub on the outside without damaging the rope.

Two options are available:

- 45 Degress

- 90 Degrees (on the right side of the hanger)


Hole Diameter:   16 mm

Weight:   90 grams

Breaking Load:    7000 kg (stamped)