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Pro-Val Boot Covers


Generous size making them easy to put on, with ankle ties for a secure fit. The boot covers provide a barrier between footwear and the environment. Keeping floors clean from contamination, no need to remove street footwear.

Pro-Val Boot Covers

CPE is Waterproof, recommended for indoor. - 250 per carton
SMS is Breathable, splash-resistant, suitable for outdoor - 200per carton

▪▪ HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification
▪▪ Generous size, easy to put on, Ties for ankle, Elastic at top
▪▪ Double layered on sole for added abrasion resistance
▪▪ One size fits all
▪▪ White

▪▪ Asbestos removal/demolition (SMS only)
▪▪ Nurses, medical staff
▪▪ Laboratories
▪▪ Protection for floors, carpets, tiles against dirt and grime
▪▪ Food manufacturing and processing
▪▪ General industry
▪▪ Maintenance/cleaning
▪▪ Pharmaceutical
▪▪ Medical

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