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Pro-Val Fng1 Gloves, Nylon W/Micro Foam Nitrile Coated Palm

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The FNG1 is a nylon glove with nitrile coated palm, designed for minimal lint and dust,
with excellent grip, dexterity and durability. 

Prestige Micro FOAM NBR (Nitrile) provides a soft and flexible coating with enhanced ventilation technology to help evaporate sweat and moisture, keeping hands cooler and comfortable over extended periods. The micro foam coating also offers excellent grip and tactility in wet, oily and dry conditions making the glove ideal for use in a wide variety of situations.

Pro-Val Fng1 Gloves, Nylon W/Micro Foam Nitrile Coated Palm

  • Type: Industrial Gloves - Fng1 Gloves
  • Code: 41667
  • Barcode: 9311059416676
  • Quantity: Sold per Package of 10 Pairs

▪▪ Nylon
▪▪ Micro foam nitrile palm
▪▪ Excellent grip in oily and wet conditions
▪▪ Aero ventilation technology evaporates sweat and moisture
▪▪ Keeps hands cool when worn for extended periods
▪▪ Knitted liner for added comfort
▪▪ Silicone free
▪▪ Minimal lint and dust
▪▪ Reusable and washable

▪▪ Micro engineering/electronics
▪▪ Small metal parts and plastics
▪▪ Ceramics
▪▪ Construction and transportation
▪▪ Logistics and warehousing
▪▪ Farm and garden work