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Pro-Val Keto Defender

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The Keto Defender is made from a unique nitrile formulation with a special solvent resistant coating. These gloves provide exceptional protection against a wide range of
aggressive solvents. Unique to other nitrile gloves, it offers excellent resistance to ketones and aromatics including MEK, Acetone, Xylene and Toluene.

The lightweight glove construction feels like a second skin giving the wearer greater tactile sensitivity, whilst still providing good abrasion resistance. The smooth non-textured
material and anatomical shape of the glove ensures comfort and flexibility and reduces hand fatigue.

Pro-Val Keto Defender

  • Type: Chemical Gloves - Keto Defender Gloves
  • Code: 41293
  • Barcode: 9311059412937
  • Quantity: Sold per Package of 1 pair

▪▪ Premium nitrile
▪▪ Exceptional chemical protection against wide range of Ketones and aromatics such as MEK, Toluene and Xylene, due to the unique nitrile formulation with a special solvent resistant coating
▪▪ Light weight to offer better sensitivity with a ‘second skin’ feel
▪▪ Greater flexibility and dexterity
▪▪ Latex free, ideal for latex allergy sufferers
▪▪ Anatomically shaped for comfort
▪▪ Unlined
▪▪ 32cm long
▪▪ 0.28mm thick
CAUTION: Avoid contact with water or
water based solutions.

Handling of ketones in laboratories
▪▪ Resin and composite material
▪▪ Printing industry
▪▪ Ink and Paint industries
▪▪ Metal treatment using solvents
▪▪ Manufacture of plastics