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Pro-Val Lab Coat Polypropylene (Carton of 50)


Disposable coat provides effective and comfortable protection for the wearer against dirt, dust and contamination. 

Pro-Val Lab Coats are made from 30gsm non woven polypropylene. They offer excellent breathability and with no pockets, for use in the food processing and handling areas.
HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification is for the Lab Coat with no pockets.
For dry area use only, available in white or blue.

Pro-Val Lab Coat Polypropylene W/Out Pockets

  • Type: Aprons And Coats - Lab Coats
  • Code: 55003
  • Barcode: 9311059550035
  • Quantity: Sold per Carton of 50 pcs

▪▪ HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification for non-pocket version
▪▪ Made from 30gsm non woven polypropylene
▪▪ No pocket version is ideal for food processing areas
▪▪ Elastic cuffs
▪▪ Velcro closures
▪▪ 1000mm long from shoulder
▪▪ Breathable and lightweight
▪▪ Protects against particulate matter, fibres, dirt, dust, grease and grime
▪▪ Available in blue and white
▪▪ Uni size
▪▪ For dry area use

▪▪ Food processing
▪▪ Pharmaceutical
▪▪ Laboratories
▪▪ Medical
▪▪ Industry/manufacturing