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Pro-Val Neo Heat 250

Size Guide

The Neo Heat 250 is a neoprene gauntlet glove designed to provide brief contact heat resistant protection for the hand and forearm up to 250 degrees Celcius. The glove is fully coated with neoprene to create a unique liquid proof construction, and features enhanced flexibility and dexterity, as well as a grip pattern for a secure grip in both wet and dry conditions.
The seamless cotton liner provides excellent comfort and fit with extended cuff for protection of forearm.

Pro-Val Neo Heat 250

  • Type: Heat Resistant Gloves - Neo Heat 250 Gloves
  • Code: 41288
  • Barcode: 9311059412883
  • Quantity: Sold per Package of 1 pair

▪▪ Fully coated for extra protection
▪▪ Unique liquid proof construction
▪▪ Level 2 resistance to contact heat up to 250 degrees Celcius
▪▪ High flexibility and dexterity
▪▪ Grip pattern on glove to ensure secure grip in both wet and dry conditions
▪▪ Seamless cotton liner for excellent comfort and fit
▪▪ Extended gauntlet cuff to protect forearm
▪▪ 38cm long
▪▪ 1.4mm thick

▪▪ Food processing
▪▪ Bakeries
▪▪ Beverage industry
▪▪ Chemical industry
▪▪ Galvanising
▪▪ Automotive industry