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Pro-Val Nitrile 46'S Gloves

Size Guide

Nitrile 46’s are a high quality nitrile unlined glove, extra long 46cm in length for protection up to the elbow. Strong, durable and provide excellent resistance to a wide range of  chemicals, including petroleum based solvents, oils and greases. 

Due to their thickness of 0.55mm, they provide excellent protection against abrasion and snags.

Pro-Val Nitrile 46'S Gloves

  • Type: Chemical Gloves - Nitrile 46'S
  • Code: 41263
  • Barcode: 9311059412630
  • Quantity: Sold per Package of 12 pairs

▪▪ Latex free, ideal for latex allergy sufferers
▪▪ Extra long 46cm in length, for protection up to the elbow
▪▪ 0.55mm thickness
▪▪ Unlined
▪▪ Pebble grip
▪▪ Resistant to a broad range of chemicals, particularly petroleum based solvents, oils
and greases
▪▪ Excellent cut, puncture and abrasion resistance
▪▪ Silicon free - paint, electronics and food industry friendly
▪▪ HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification
▪▪ Conforms to European Council Directive 89/636/EEC relating to (complex design) Personal Protective Equipment after assessment against Standards EN 374, EN 388 and EN 420:2003

▪▪ Agrochemical industry, chemical handling and processing
▪▪ Manufacturing industries using cutting oils, automobile industry, metal treatment and material handling
▪▪ Fisheries, poultry, food manufacturing
▪▪ Aerospace industry
▪▪ Industrial cleaning
▪▪ Commercial deep sink dishwashing
▪▪ Printing industry
▪▪ Petrochemical and oil refining