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Pro-Val Nitrile Orange Powder-Free Disposable Gloves

Size Guide

Nitrile Orange disposable gloves are strong, durable and offer excellent grip, as well
as outstanding chemical resistance, particularly with petroleum based chemicals.

Pro-Val Nitrile Orange Powder-Free Disposable Gloves

  • Type: Disposable Gloves - Nitrile Orange
  • Code: 41135
  • Barcode: 9311059411350
  • Quantity: Sold per Carton of 1000 pcs (10x small boxes of 100 gloves)

▪▪ Latex free, ideal for latex allergy sufferers
▪▪ Strong, durable and comfortable
▪▪ Orange in colour for increased visibility
▪▪ On-line chlorinated for easy donning
▪▪ Powder free
▪▪ HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification
▪▪ Broad range of chemical resistance, particularly
petroleum based chemicals
▪▪ Textured fingertips provide extra grip for wet or
dry situations
▪▪ Beaded cuff for extra strength when donning
▪▪ Ambidextrous design
▪▪ Available in sizes Small - XX Large

▪▪ Mechanical workshops
▪▪ Automotive / Panel shops
▪▪ Window cleaning
▪▪ Cleaning
▪▪ General industry
▪▪ Graphic arts
▪▪ Food industry