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Pro-Val Trojan Work Glove

Size Guide

The Trojan is made from premium polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and provides excellent protection against many acids, caustics, oils, fats, petroleum based hydrocarbons and alcohols. It has a seamless cotton liner that provides extreme comfort and perspiration
absorption. An ideal heavy duty industrial work glove, providing advanced feel and grip with extreme flexibility and comfort.

Pro-Val Trojan Work Glove

  • Type: Chemical Gloves - Trojan Work Gloves
  • Code: 41560
  • Barcode: 9311059415600
  • Quantity: Sold per Carton of 72 pairs

▪▪ Premium polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
▪▪ Extremely flexible - you can curl your fingers in these ones!
▪▪ Seamless cotton liner
▪▪ Excellent protection against many acids, oils and chemicals
▪▪ Wet and dry grip
▪▪ Double dipped, plus triple layered between thumb and forefinger
▪▪ Rough grip palm
▪▪ Protection against abrasions and light cuts
▪▪ 30cm length
▪▪ Reusable

▪▪ Mining
▪▪ Automotive industry
▪▪ Petrochemical and oil refining
▪▪ Chemical processing/clean ups
▪▪ Fisheries
▪▪ Pharmaceutical
▪▪ Farming
▪▪ Heavy industrial