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Edelrid ProStatic 11mm Static Rope


Pro-Static is designed for professionals, with extremely easy travel through complex devices.

  • Very low stretch for ultimate control
  • Low bulge and smooth surface when compressed, to assist ascending/feeding free ends
  • Extremely smooth, fine-weave outer to feed through devices easily
  • Single braid construction to lessen bending resistance when the rope passes through descenders. 

This is the premium choice for most rope access workers in Australia.

Diameter (mm): 11.0
Meters: 200 mt
Rope type: A
Weight (g/m): 75g/m
Max. breaking strain (kN): 33
MBS figure 8 (kN): 22
Static elongation (%): 4.0
Sheath slippage (mm): 0
Sheath proportion (%): 43
Knotability: 1.0
Shrinkage (H2O %): 2.0

The basic principles for the responsible production of innovative, high performance products, like climbing ropes, are quality and safety. EDELRID has been following this creed for more than 146 years, and the rope - along our comprehensive experience in its production - is the heart and soul of our traditionally rich brand.