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Protecta Confined Space Equipment - Confined Space Kit with Type 3 SRL

When it comes to confined space entry/rescue, it is essential that equipment operates perfectly and quickly. 

Lightweight, portable Protecta® aluminium tripods are ideal for confined space manhole entry and retrieval. They’re easily transported from one location to another and can be set-up by one worker. Attach one or two mechanical devices such as a winch or 3-way self retracting lifeline and you’re ready to go. The Protecta tripod is loaded with features such as: locking legs, simple detent pin style adjustment, and skid resistant tread plate soles on feet.

Kit Includes AM100 tripod, 3591002 Type 3 Retrieval SRL, AK0100 bag, mounting bracket and pulley

  • Complete confined space system - We've put everything you'll need in a convenient package, taking the guesswork out of confined space entry.
  • 2.4m aluminum tripod (model AM100) - Lightweight and durable aluminum tripod with simple detent pin adjustment is easy to set-up, use and transport, and will stand up to the elements for extended longevity.
  • 15m 3-way emergency retrieval SRL (model 3591002) - Retrieval SRL with built-in winch is ideal for use in confined spaces and allows the load to be raised or lowered during emergencies.
  • Retrieval SRL tripod mounting bracket (model 3590498) - Designed to attach your retrieval SRL to the AM100 tripod leg for fast and efficient rescue applications.
  • Routing pulley for confined space entry (model ATO52/1) - Easily attaches to tripod eyebolt and provides a means to route retrival SRL lifeline offering non-abrasive smooth operation and positions lifeline over the confined space entrance for efficient retrieval of victim.
  • Pro Riggers Harness (model AB123M) - Medium sized Pro Riggers Harness with front and rear D-rings and retrieval attachment points, ideal for use in confined space applications.
  • Spreader Bar (model ABSB0001AU) - Spreader bar is ideal for use in confined space entry/exit and rescue and retrieval applications.
  • Tripod carrying/storage bag - Provides an easy way to move your tripod from one location to another and keeps the device clean during extended periods of storage
  • Capacity: 140 kg Personnel / 159 kg Materials
  • Lifeline Length: 15m
  • Lifeline: 5mm dia. 7x19 stainless steel Aircraft Wire Rope

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