Protecta Fall Protection Kits - Construction Workers Kit

Protecta has a range of kits suited for specific worker applications that includes all the necessary elements of the ABC of fall protection to ensure worker safety.  Your fall protection system needs specialised components to keep you safe without causing damage to the structure. Our easy to use kits provide the perfect solution offering a complete set-up for convenient compliance and safety on the job. Includes: AB123M harness, 3100447 Rebel Personal SRL, round strap and backpack storage bag
  • Complete Construction Workers fall protection system - Offers a complete set-up for convenient compliance and safety on the job.
  • Medium Pro Climbing Harness - The Climbing harness features front and rear fall arrest D-rings, and easy adjust hardware,making this harness ideal for use in construction work.
  • 3.3m Rebel Personal Self Retracting Lifeline - Offers complete hands-free freedom of movement extending as the user moves away and retracting automatically, in the event of a fall the device locks within centimetres and maintains safe arresting forces.
  • 1.5m round anchor strap - Versatile anchor strap that is simply choked-off to the anchorage structure, providing a fast, efficient and safe tie-off point
  • Heavy duty backpack storage bag - The durable yet lightweight backpack provides the user with a convenient place to store the equipment and transport from one location to another.



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