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Python Safety


Python Safety Adjustable Radio & Phone Holster with Lanyard

Python Safety™ Adjustable Radio Holster with Clip2Loop Coil and Micro D-Ring combo.

The Python Safety™ Adjustable Radio Holster is specially designed to adjust perfectly to the size of virtually any portable radio, as well as other small devices such as cell phones and cameras. A unique mounting system allows the holster to attach easily to harnesses and tool belts.


  • Adjusts to the size of virtually any portable radio or mobile phone - Several adjustable straps allow this holster to adjust in size to accommodate virtually any handheld radio or mobile phone.
  • D-Ring connection point - Easily tie off your radio or cell phone to the sewn in D-Ring connection point.
  • Can be used from a belt or harness - A unique hook and loop mounting system allows this holster to be equipped to a belt or harness.
  • Ergonomic quick-cinch ergonomic cord lock - Quickly tighten the holster around your device using the easy-to-use ergonomic cord lock.

This combo includes:

  • 1 x Adjustable Radio Holster
  • 1 x Micro D-Ring Attachment Point
  • 1 x Clip2Loop Coil

Model Number:   1500089