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Python Safety


Python Safety HAMMER HOLSTER with Tether


The Hammer Holster allows for the safe holstering of virtually any hammer under 2.3 kg, and this kit comes complete with a Hook2Quick Ring Coil Tether with tail that has been specifically designed for use with the Hammer Holster.

25mm D-Rings are located on both sides of the holster allowing for the user to tether their tool however they prefer. A Hook and loop closure strap protects hammers from accidental drops during transport, but keeps the tool available when in use. This combo also includes a Python Safety Hook2Quick Ring Coil Tether with a Tail, providing everything necessary to tie off a hammer.

The Hook2QuickRing Coil Thether is rated to 0.9 kgs.


Beacon™ High Visibility Reflectors - Products equipped with Python Safety Beacon™ Hi-Vis Reflectors are always easy to identify and locate, even when left in dark spaces. Highly reflective material is stitched into the front and back of the holster allowing it to be detected in low light conditions with a flashlight.                              Hook and Loop closure strap keeps tools secure - When not in use, a hook and loop strap can be closed preventing tools from leaving the holster. When in use, the strap can be locked in an open position allowing for easy holstering and unholstering of tools.                             


Capacity:   2.3 kg

Colour:     Black/Yellow

Attachment:  For use on Belts




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