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Safe Tec


Replacement Cam for Safe Tec DUCK R Back-up


Replacement Stainless Steel Cam Kit for S-Tec Duck R

Includes cam, screws, pivot, spring.

Important Safety Information about replacing cams:

Stec doesn't specify Qualifications of who would be competent to perform the replacement; however Absafe suggests it should be at least a person who can safety-inspect this type of equipment (qualified/approved under workplace law). If any uncertainty, or if such a person is not available, then replace the entire unit.

*S-Tec recommends only one replacement cam per body, during its service lifetime.
Only bodies which have had an Aluminum cam may have a replacement Steel cam installed.

**Do NOT use replacement Steel Cam, on a body that has already had a Steel Cam in it.
The body may already have wear that may eventually become excessive (depending on ropes/diameters/contaminants/conditions). In this situation there is a chance the device may not operate, or may fail-to-safe.