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Rock Exotica


Rock Exotica AZTEK Pulley Kit in PRO bag

Extremely portable pulley system, ideal for tactical and rescue operators. With hip/thigh-bag.

The AZTEK PRO system has become a valuable multi-purpose tool of rescue and tactical operators. Although designed originally as an edge restraint carried at the harness, this compact double pulley set has become the ultimate Personal Mechanical Advantage kit that can be configured as a 5:1, or 4:1 with a re-direct by just rotating the system and comes with a hip/leg bag.

The AZTEK can be used as a pick off, adjustable directional, high directional guyline, high angle attendant tether, high angle litter scoop, load release hitch and much more. Each pulley is color coded to match with a corresponding prussic for quick identification. The AZTEK pulleys are machined from solid aluminium, feature swivel connection points, and utilise high efficiency bearings.

The Australian AZTEK KIT contains:

  • 1 x P41 Aztec Pulley Set
  • 1 x Rope Cover
  • 1 x Pin
  • 15mt x 8mm Sterling Cord
  • 3 x 6mm Colour Coded Prussics (1 Orange, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow Travel Restraint 12.9kN)
  • 1 x Stirling AZTEK Pro Bag for Hip/Leg mount

Please note that the Aztec PRO Kit is compiled in Australia using a Stirling Pro Bag and Stirling cord along with genuine Rock Exotica hardware.
Karabiners are NOT included.

Weight:  approximately 1 kg as complete kit

Model: 037600AU + P41BagPro


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