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Sala Rollgliss


Sala Rollgliss PRE-SEWN Prusik Loops - 7mm


The SALA Rollgliss® RopeCraft® Pre-Sewn Prusik Loops provide a sliding hitch that is strong and ready for use when required.6mm prussics are best suited to use on 10.5mm or 11mm diameter ropes.

The pre-sewn prusiks are not only more convenient and easier to use than tied prusiks, they have a higher level of safety as the sewn ends eliminate the use of knots that could become loose. The stitched ends are covered in clear heat shrink to provide added protection and easy visual inspection, while allowing the short loop end of the prusik to be choked down so it bites onto the karabiner keeping it under tension in the correct orientation.

The pre-sewn prusiks are available in a variety of pre-set lengths that can be used for specific technical rope rescue and industrial access applications.


  • Safe and reliable, pre-sewn ends eliminates the use of knots that could work their way free
  • Kernmantle rope construction, provides excellent handling & performance, strength and durability
  • Reinforced bartack stitching on critical sewn ends ensures high strength capacity that outperforms knots
  • Heat shrinked stitched area provides added protection, easy visual inspection and allows the rope to be tensioned onto the karabiner
  • Knot free cord provides an unobtrusive Prusik, that is compact and easier to handle
  • Convenient and easy to set up, ready to use when and where a Prusik is required

90cm Litter Foot End Prusik:
7mm prusiks that can be made into a Purcell, and in combination with another,can be combined to create two foot end straps that are then connected onto the rollgliss® RescueMate® Micro Haul Kit to allow the attendant to raise and lower the foot end of the litter as required. Model number 8700603.

170cm Litter Head End Prusik: 
7mm prusiks that can be made into a Purcell, and in combination with another, can be combined to create two head end straps of the litter. Model number 8700604.

Colour: Yellow with Black Fleck

Minimum Breaking Strength: 11 kN