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Safe Tec


Safe Tec EN FORCER H Back-Up device - Enforcer

EN FORCER - the ultimate back-up device for heavy grit environments.

Stainless Steel and simple effective design makes it more durable than most backup devices, and also make it popular as a rope access back-up device for those working off-shore or harsh environments.

Just as easy-to-use as the old favourites, but safer - it also has an anti squeeze side protector. It is also all stainless (except positioning cord), has a stronger stronger body and is suitable for use globally. 

NOTE: the EN FORCER must be attached to a dynamic lanyard extender 50 cm (such a s Safe Tec EX03) with two type steel connectors, or a cow's tail etc. Cannot be connected directly to user. Extender sold separately. We would suggest using a tear away energy absorber.

The EN FORCER has been tested to the requirements of ISO 14626 - Personal protective equipment against falls from a height - sliding lock parachute guided flexible line with extender. Must be installed on flexible anchor line consisting of a braided nylon semi-static rope type of 11 mm diameter. To be used in conjunction with other devices that must meet the standards. Each independent anchor, must have mechanical strength greater than 15 kN.


  • CE 0120 - EN124841 type A 
  • ANSI Z359.1 2007
  • NBR 14626:2010
  • CA 36677
  • CA 36678


Body - Stainless Steel
Cam - Stainless Steel (silver, red cam is on the alloy version)
Spring - Stainless Steel
Cord - Nylon


100kg normal use

200kg rescue/0 fall factor


Weight:  305 grams