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Sala Adjustable Rope POLE STRAP 2mt

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The Sala 2mt Rope Pole Strap is adjustable up to 2mts which is long enough to be user friendly, and adjustable to allow user to customise length for specific work positioning, restraint or assisted climbing needs. Rope lanyards are typically more user friendly and lighter to handle and stow than traditional webbing pole straps.
This model is made with kernmantle rope, and includes a lightweight friction adjuster, double action trigger snap hook & triple action karabiner on the adjuster.


  • 2.0m adjustable pole strap
  • High-Vis kernmantle rope construction
  • Easy and efficient lightweight adjustment system
  • Integral wear sleeve
  • User friendly self locking lightweight double action trigger snap hook and lightweight triple action karabiner with 16kn rated gates
  • Fully compatible hardware
  • Equipped with i-Safe™


Compliance:  AS/NZS 1891.1

Model: E90202559