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Sala PenoGuard Construction


PenoGuard™ is a revolutionary 2-in-1 safety device that will dramatically increase the safety of workers by protecting them against falls through unguarded penetrations. PenoGuard™ is amazingly simple and offers a high level of compliance with ease of transport, installation and use. In the closed position it serves as a cover for access holes and in the open position it acts as a four sided guard rail allowing easy access to the penetration while protecting workers and bystanders. PenoGuard™ is available in three different models; Civil, Confined Space and Construction, to cover the majority of industry applications.


  • Fall protection system for unguarded openings in construction applications: PenoGuard™ provides an effective and economical solution against falls through unguarded penetrations and floor openings in the construction industry that easily converts from an access cover to a four sided guard rail in less than a minute

  • 2-in-1 access cover and guard rail safety device: A 2-in-1 lockable safety device that serves as an access cover in the closed position and a four sided guard rail in the open position

  • Installs and assembles in minutes without tools: Once secured over the penetration PenoGuard™ assembles to a four sided guard rail in less than a minute with four simple steps for fast, simple and safe installation, disassembly, or ‘Lock Down’, is just as simple

  • Protects both workers and bystanders: When in the closed position workers are fully protected and alerted to the presence of a penetration, eliminating any risk of falling through. When in the open position a four sided high viz guard rail allows easy access to the penetration while protecting

  • Lockable design for permanent applications: Easily secured with with nails, screws or bolts and can be locked to prevent unauthorised entry during periods when workers are absent from the work site - Ideal for overnight security

  • Eliminates hazardous loosely placed signs, covers or makeshift guard rails: PenoGuard™ eliminates the commonly used hazardous industry practice of utilising pieces of plywood or makeshift guardrails to prevent workers from falling through access holes in civil works applications

  • Lightweight and portable design: PenoGuard™ is light weight and portable, making it ideal to transport from job to job

  • Heavy duty corrosion resistant construction: Constructed from high strength steel, PenoGuard™ has a load rating of 200 kg in the closed position and 150 kg when used as a four sided guard rail, ensuring the ultimate in safety, security and durability on any job site

  • Avaialble in standard or customised sizes: PenoGuard™ Construction is available in a standard size, however, we can manufacture to meet your specific requirements where the need to access larger sized openings may arise

  • Civil and confined space models also available: Also available in Civil and Confined Space application models to cover the majority of all industry applications 


  • Brand: DBI-SALA®
  • Install Type: Portable
  • iSafe Equipped: No
  • Label: PVC
  • Physical Dimensions: 1105.00 x 1045.00 x 1065.00 (mm)
  • Product Styles: Requires DBI-SALA Advanced 3-piece base
  • Product Types: Construction
  • Standards: AS1657, AS4994-2009 
  • SKU: 7903500

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