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SAYFA XPLORA AP126 Concrete Anchor with Torque Indicator M12

The SAYFA XPLORA AP126 Concrete Mount Anchor Kit comes complete with Torque Indicator on the bolt and is rated to 15kN rated. The Xplora AP126 Permanent Concrete Mount Anchor Point is ideally suited to maintenance personnel working at heights utilising a harness and lanyard fall protection or rope access system. The Eye Bolt is Stainless Steel, the anchor component (that's embedded in the concrete) is Zinc plated steel.

This anchor bolt is also suitable for fall arrest/twin rope use, must be load tested prior to use as per AS/NZ Standards.


  • Simple installation using standard componentry
  • Auto torque indicator ensures correct installation
  • Suitable for immediate use
  • Eyelet can be removed if required


Rating:   15 kN

Eyebolt:   M12/ 120mm

Eyelet Internal Ø: 35mm

Concrete insert drilled: 18mm Ø

Concrete insert drilled:  125mm hole depth

Model:  AP 126