Sea To Summit


Sea To Summit Dry Compression Sack


Multiple award winning innovative product 

100% Waterproof dry bag, but with Event compression top and bottom to squash your gear nice and compact whilst pushing air out but letting it back in.

Squash your gear down to one third the volume and keep it dry. eVent® fabric is totally waterproof and highly breathable (you can feel the air coming out). This allows you to compress the air out without allowing water in.


  • Air compresses out, water cannot get in
  • Watertight Hypalon roll top closure
  • Waterproof seams, tape sealed and double stitched
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Waterproof and air permeable eVent® fabric base
  • Waterproof seams, double stitched and fully tape sealed
  • 10,000mm waterhead, lightweight durable Nylon fabric
  • Hypalon® roll top closure does not wick moisture
  • Reinforced stitching on all stress points
    Large ø23 x 50cm 168g 20 to 6.5Ls

Sea To Summit was the first company to introduce a compression dry sack to the market which does not use a purge valve. This innovation uses air permeable eVent® fabric on the base, which allows air to be pushed out of the sack, while stopping water getting in. This is a lighter, simpler and more reliable solution than a purge valve. The body is made of a tough 70D Polyurethane-coated fabric. It has a Hypalon™ roll-top closure like the rest of our dry sack range and a lid with four straps for even compression. Keep your gear dry and compressed as small as possible inside your pack, watercraft, or anywhere space is an issue.

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