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Skylotec ERGOGRIP SK12 with Steel Oval Karabiners with 15mt rope


Premium quality Ergogrip SK12 adjuster on a roofer lifeline / work positioning rope

Aged stock special - 15m size, are 2016 manufacture date. Heavily reduced prices, only while stocks last! 

Work positioning ropes are for getting into the right working position and staying there. The core-sheathed ropes used by SKYLOTEC can withstand extreme edge loads, are resistant to abrasion, remain soft in damp conditions and feature a long service life. It is an extremely simple matter to adjust the Ergogrip range with self-locking carabiners with one hand.

  • Standard: EN 353-2:2002, EN 358:1999
  • Diameter: 12 mm
  • Suspension element: core-sheathed rope 12mm
  • Carabiner on device: OVAL STEEL SCREW

Model:    L-0032-15

Data Sheet

Project Data Sheet


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