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Skylotec MOBILFIX Glue

This is the glue used to install the MOBILFIX TERMINAL permanent anchor.

It should be noted that the particular glue/mortar used will largely depend on the substrate you are installing the anchor point in to. All anchor points for fall protection must be installed and rated to at least 15kN under AS/NZS 1891. These anchors will also need to be proof loaded under AS/NZS 1891 to 750 kgs, so it is critical that the installation process is carried out per manufacturers instructions, and that a competent person (Engineer) specifies the particular adhesive or mortar required for your particular substrate.

The Skylotec recommended mortar for the majority of installations is a Würth brand WIT-PE-500, 2 part injection mortar, that needs to be injected from a cartridge gun with a static mixer nozzle.

*** NOTE: we stock very limited quantity of this adhesive due to shelf life requirements, there could be a 4 week lead time to get more stock from time to time. If you know you have a requirement for a large quantity of this glue, please give us advance notice so that we can arrange additional stock for you. ***

Size:  385 ml

Shelf Life:   24 months (when stored correctly)

Transport and storage temperature (cartridge): + 5°C to + 25°C


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