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Sordin SUPREME PRO X Ear Muffs


This Supreme Pro X ear muff has a foldable headband and protects from hazardous noise while allowing users to hear surrounding sounds. By wearing Supreme ear muffs you can communicate face-to-face as well as hearing commands and instructions without removing the hearing protector, perfect for noisy sites.

The AUX Input permits connection to external sources, such as communication radios, dog tracking devices and mp3 players. Compresses harmful noise to 82dB and amplifies safe noise x 4 times


  • Cups shaped to fit both right hand and left hand shooters
  • Well shielded microphones for optimum sound direction location
  • Waterproof battery compartment

Colours:    Dark Green   or  Black


Model:    SOR75302-X (Green),   SOR75302-X-02 (Black)