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Technique GRIPPS T-Reign Retracting Tool Tether with Lock

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Made in USA by T-REIGN, this retractor has strong 1200mm Kevlar cord is quiet, smooth running and extremely strong - suited for tools up to 500 grams. This model comes complete with a clip top attachment.

Don't be surprised if your retractor comes with a different brand on it, it may have Technique Solutions, STAG USA, Maxpedition or T-Reign as they all come out of the same factory in the USA.


  • Click-Connect feature allows you to tethers your tools rapidly and with ease
  • Click-Connect buckle allows for rapid exchanging between multiple tools (additional Click-Connect Buckles available)
  • Rust and weather resistant hardware including high grade stainless steel spring, screws and gear loop
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Durable poly-carbonate case; weather and impact resistant
  • Innovative locking system allows you to keep gear tethered to the desired length
  • Safety breakaway end fitting will disengage from unit at approx. 11kg’s of force



Rating:     0.5 kg

Click-Connect disconnects at:    ±11 kgf

Model:   H01121


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