Sundstrom SR200 PolyCarbonate Full Face Mask

The Sundstrom SR200 full face respirator provides very high protection at heavy-duty work for extended periods. The negative pressure respirator offers added eye and face protection, and a higher protection factor than half masks. Perfect for windy or smokey conditions

  • Very high protection factor (NPF 2000)
  • Two exhalation valves
  • Valve caps with air diffusion (no clogging during spray jobs)
  • Low weight due to PolyCarbonate Visor
  • Fabric head harness - no sticking rubber!
  • Unique curved visor for very wide and deep field of vision.
  • Part of inhalation air is channelled across the visor to minimise mist forming
  • Can easily be fitted with optional SmallTalk microphone and loudspeaker - sold separately
  • Accepts all Sundstrom filters and compressed air attachments -SOLD SEPERATELY

We also suggest storing your mask and filters in a dust proof storage container to prolong life.

Visor included: Scratch Resistant PolyCarbonate

Filters included: None

Headstrap included: Fabric/Cloth

Model Number: 110-04852

Weight: 450 grams

Colour: Blue/Black

Material: Silicone rubber
Usage: Heavy duty use, full time exposure, long term work in areas requiring very high protection levels
Air circulation inside the mask:
  • 2/3 of inhalation air reaches mouth and nose without circulating visor and outer mask
  • 1/3 of inhalation air passes across the visor to prevent fogging
Twin exhalation membranes: The position and construction of the two exhalation membranes make voice communication easy. The two membranes also contribute to increased comfort and less fatigue
Inhalation resistance: approx. 10 Pa at 30 l/min (EN standards requirement: <50 pa="" div="">
Exhalation resistance: approx. 56 Pa at 160 l/min (EN standards requirement: <300 pa="" div="">
Weight: 450g (15.9 oz) approx.

Scratch-resistant polycarbvonate (standard). The visor is curved spherically, which means that the face fits 'into' the mask, ensuring a very large field of vision and a minimum of reflections.

Impact test with steel ball, 6 mm diameter against the visor: 120 m/s

Laminated glass visor is also available

Head harness: Elastic bands and a mesh head cradle for optimum comfort. The harness has to be adjusted only once for a user, after which the mask can be put on in a simple two-hand operation
Filter attachment: Accepts all Sundstrom filters + compressed air attachments. Filter seat is pointed downwards for good balance and great field of vision
Accessories: Sundstrom antiseptic cleaning tissues
Spectacle frames mounted inside mask (optional)
Carry strap
Leakage testing disc
Each mask is imprinted with a unique barcode for user identification
SmallTalk electronic voice communication device


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