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UVSAR Heavy Duty Safety Anchor labels


Clear, simple on-site information is vital for daily work, and even more so in an emergency.

Guidance labels so workers know what anchor points to connect to, make for precise and easy-to-follow rescue and evacuation procedures that are proven to work in the real world.

  • Labels are supplied as sheets.
  • Each sheet contains either 2x, 3x, or 6x identical pre-cut labels (depending on label size).
  • Each sheet is A4+ (approx 225 x 336mm) size.
  • Sold by special order in batches, only. Minimum order 100 sheets.
    Please contact us to quote/order at sales@absafe.com.au
Anchor points are all over the place. They are used for all manner of things. Pick the wrong one and bad things happen - and yet the labels are often vague about what you can use an anchor point for, tiny and hard-to-read, or are missing completely.
Can you lift two people during a rescue? Is it OK to use it for lifting tools? Does an anchor that's painted red mean something, or was the red paint cheaper? Your workers will know for certain, instantly.
  • Printed on marine-grade polymer
  • identify all the permitted uses for each anchor point, from a distance, in bad lighting,
  • associate them by number to your emergency procedures or method statements.
  • Augment the inspection tags,
  • can also be applied to anchor points that are not 'installed' - such as a structural beam - which normally have nothing to identify them.
  • Workers who have never visited the site before will know instantly what they can and cannot do.
  • Each label has write-on areas for the essential information -
  • Proprietary polymers can be written on with marker pens and the writing will not fade - even in an offshore environment.
  • Information can be pre-printed on request, including sequential numbering.