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Honeywell Vision Screener Software (Suits V4 models)

Honeywell Titmus Software is a specialised Vision Screener management software developed for the Honeywell Titmus V4 Vision Screener. 


  • Cables that connect the PC (software) to the vision screening instrument.
  • Access to a page that shows download the software AND activation code.
  • Manage your facilities subjects (employees) and keep track of their key Occupation Health details.
  • Control your vision screener directly from the PC and automatically record your subject's vision test results. Supports Honeywell TITMUSi400 and the new Titmus V4.
  • Open interfaces provide accessible integration points for subject and test information to & from other systems; e.g. SAP.
  • Advanced statistics and reporting infrastructure allows you to extract all the information needed for printing, creating .pdf for e-mail, or creating .csv for manipulating the data in Excel.
  • Can customize per your requirements or use the generic standards
  • Can see the pass/fail results for each test on the screen, as you perform the test
  • Can test a person with and without glasses and compare the results
  • Can go back to an individual test within a complete test, if you want to redo the test. Example: You have completed the acuity tests and are now doing the color vision test. You can easily go back to do the acuity test again.

Memory Requirements

Minimum 512 MB, 2GB required for large sites (more than 100,000 patients).

Operating System

Windows XP or later


Oracle Sun Java Runtime 6

Can be used with Occupational Health Slide Sets only

(Landolt, Snellen, TNO)

Software Version



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