Yates Uniform Rappel Belt - Black | #450 #451

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Lightweight 44mm-width uniform belt ideal for carrying loads e.g radios, torches, pouches. Experts can use in emergency for fall-prevention/belay/rappels.

The Camlock waist buckle provides for quick adjustment and no slippage. The Front V-ring is used for the attachment point.

Great as a sturdy general-use belt especially for loads, e.g. Police/LEO, security, Search-and-Rescue, SWAT, fire, etc.

For special-purpose expert use only. Not approved nor recommended for industrial safety, recreational climbing. Not intended to replace a harness. 
What does that mean? Belts don't spread the load across your body, so in fallit could slip or cause impact  It means if you can think of a situation when you might need a harness, like a known fall hazard, then you should don a proper full-body harness before you go in there. But if you just want a sturdy belt for every day, knowing that it is capable of dragging your butt out of serious trouble one day, then it's perfect!


  • Regular size is fully adjustable fits most
  • XL is also available.
  • Only available in Black colour in Australia
  • Made with 31 kN webbing. Total strength 17.8 kN / 1814 kgs.

Model:  #450 (Medium), #451 (XL)

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