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YHS Australia


YHS P2 (N95) Disposable Respirator (10 Pack)


YHS P2 respirators are great value and Australian Standards compliant, these ones have a vertical fold, making them more comfortable to wear.

Australian Standard P2 rated to remove nuisance dust and particles from the air you breathe; (similar protection level to USA standard N95)
For example

  • Bushfire smoke
  • sanding, grinding, cutting, drilling dust
  • plastering, rendering, excavation, cement dust
  • light welding, soldering, foundry operation fumes & particles
  • diesel soot particles


  • Optional exhaust valve(s): Choose single-valve or twin-valve for easier exhale, increased comfort, and decreased heat/moisture.
  • Optional Charcoal Filtering: to deal with nuisance odors (in addition to the standard particles)

You are purchasing boxes of 10 (each filter-mask is individually wrapped flat packed for hygiene and convenience).


  • 10 Individually wrapped vertical flat fold P2 respirators
  • Adjustable nose bridge with EVA internal nose pad
  • Super soft flexible filter material for optimum fit
  • Soft and wide welded elastic straps for superior comfort
  • Certified Australian Standard AS/NZS 1716:2003  (Lic.No. 20631 SAI Global)