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YHS Painters Kit


YHS has introduced a Breathing Mask kit designed especially for those welding. The dual P2 Pre-filter pads filters harmful particles from sanding, brushing, rolling & spraying, the A1 filters organic vapours & odours from spraying, mixing, paint & mould removal. Threaded filters connect easily and securely low profile filters make it easier to get a welding mask over as opposed to single filter masks. Filters and mask to be reused should be sealed and stored securely in a clean, dry environment away from direct sunlight. This kit comes complete with a sealed storage box - perfect for storage but also for issuing as a kit.


  • Threaded filters connect easily and securely
  • Large exhalation valve + sweat port eliminate heat & moisture
  • Adjustable 4 point elastic harness for comfortable and secure fit
  • Low profile design provides clear vision & may be worn with goggles
  • Mask is a soft lightweight material provides excellent facial fit
  • AS/NZS 1716:2012

Comes complete with:

1 x V -800 Half Mask Medium size

1 Pair x V-7800 A1+P2 Pre-filter pads (Combined Gas/Particle Filter)

2 Pair x V-7800 P2 Pre-filter pads (Particle Only)

1 x Resealable storage case (boxed version only)




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