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Have you ever noticed that as soon as you put your hard hat on, you bang your head on every piece of pipe, scaffold or framing in the general vicinity?

Have you been at ground level loading haul lines on a rope access job, and got a sore neck as you are always over extending your neck so that you can see past the brim on the hard hat?

Well here is another piece of Australian thinking... why not make hard hats see through? Simple!

Frontier Australia have released the ClearView™ Hard Hat in a range of transparent coloured hard hats, designed and made right here in Australia and they are no heaver, and just as safe as a normal hard hat.

Especially ideal for winter, night-shift, and cool days.

They meet all the usual requirements:

  • UV400 stabilised and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Ensures greater all round safety by increasing the wearers peripheral vision
  • Reduces neck strain associated with tilting the head back to constantly look up
  • Eliminates the common ill-practice of wearing hard hats backwards
  • Clearview™ caps are high temperature rated thanks to their polycarbonate composition
  • Clearview™ like the Tuffguard™ range by Frontier has a premium terylene 6 point harness for comfort
  • Clearview™ allows most 25 & 30mm attachments like earmuffs and visors
  • Certified and stamped to AS/NZS 1801

These little gems are available in Clear, Smoke, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange or Blue, we carry clear and yellow colour, but usually the rest are close (2-3 days order-in).

I reckon when your hard hat next needs to be replaced, these are worth a try!



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