A Full Rope Access Kit Made Simple

A Full Rope Access Kit Made Simple

After receiving your rope access ticket, making you eligible for a job in rope access, the next important step in you career is obtaining the right gear you will need to start work. 

For the most part, the equipment you need to begin work in rope access varies slightly depending on where you will be working. What you eventually purchase will also depend on what gear you are most comfortable using and wearing. During your training it is important to try all of the options that the trainer provides, ensurinf that your decision is based on the knowledge rather than guesswork and brand loyalty.

The following list is a basic guideline of what may be included in a typical rope access kit:

There are additional items you might need as well including kit bags, rope bags, rope guards and pulleys, however, this list gives you a basic idea of what's necessary to get started. 

For any additional information or discounts on full kits to give us a call our number is 1300 ABSAFE, or email us at sales@absafe.com.au