Are you prepared for the holiday season? 🚙🐍

Are you prepared for the holiday season? 🚙🐍

With holiday season well & truly kicking in it's important to be prepared for that unexpected emergency! Accidents do happen & it's wise to be properly equipped with a First Aid Kit to suit your needs!

Check out our Fastaid Product Range to keep you safe this busy season!


Do you love getting on the road?

Available in both a plastic portable & a soft case, the Fastaid Ute MaxFastaid R1 Vehicle Max Kit have been created to keep your family safe with all the first aid essentials you need.


Do you get lost in the great outdoors?

The Fastaid Snake 'n' Spider Bite Kit fits snug in a backpack & contains hospital grade contents in case of emergency. Comes with a nifty little Snake and Spider Identification Sheet booklet too!

Don't forget to arm yourself with the Fastaid Burns Module to effectively treat any heat burns you may encounter!


Are you having a relaxed break at home?

The  Fastaid Home 'N' Away Kit will ensure you have the right first aid essentials you need on hand to ensure safety at all times!

We also recommend keeping extra Fastaid Hygiene Wipes  to help clean or disinfect! Consisting of 70% ethyl alcohol means they are low scent, so they're completely child friendly