Price Beat Guarantee

We don’t only keep you safe, we have the best prices too!

Our Price Beat Guarantee means
that if you find a lower priced identical stocked item that's in stock with a competitor,
Absafe Shop will not only match it, but we'll also BEAT any price that matches our criteria.

How it works:


How do I obtain the Price Beat Guarantee?

It's SUPER easy. You can obtain the Price Beat Guarantee by:

Which items does it apply to?

Our Price Beat Guarantee applies to all identical products and services that are:

  • Stocked at Absafe Shop
  • In stock at our competitor; and
  • Not excluded from the Price Beat Guarantee
    Details below*

Which items are excluded from the Price Beat Guarantee?

  • Short-term clearances
  • Special-order items, services, works jobs
  • Trade quotes, bulk quotes, other prices not available to public
  • Unauthorised or non-official sellers
  • Predatory pricing
    Details below* 

*What are the official terms in detail?

  • Absafe will offer the same item at equal or better price, otherwise let us know in advance of your purchase, and we’ll attempt to match their offer
  • Applies to prices from official approved retailers in Australia only
  • For the same identical item when tax & shipping is included in the total
  • Absafe must be able to verify the competitor’s published/advertised prices
  • Products advertised on only

    Absafe may exclude price-match or price-beat on any/all of:

  • Flash-sale prices (which are temporary lasting less than 7 days), or category-wide / store-wide discounts
  • Discontinued/clearance/run-out items, and/or items which are unavailable, or can't be delivered (in-store purchase only or pick-up only)
  • Products not advertised on and/or not available to Absafe from our regular suppliers
  • Industrial/corporate products &/or services including SkyClimber, Cardox, installations, servicing/repair/maintenance, remedial works, engineering
  • Special-order items that need to come from overseas
  • Bulk-orders, one-off quotes, trade quotes, member-only specials, and/or non-advertised prices which are not available to the general public
  • Non-authorised locations or sellers, including marketplace advertisers & re-sellers (e.g Ebay, Facebook, Amazon, Catch, etc), overseas sellers, drop-shippers, daigou, personal shoppers, purchasing-services, freight-forwarding services, etc
  • Prices that Absafe believes are predatory, not sustainable, made in error, and/or not in good faith e.g. below-wholesale-cost or substantial losses on shipping costs
  • Absafe reserves the right to modify, withdraw, or otherwise change this offer at any time without prior notice. 

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