Product Recalls

From time to time for a variety of reasons, some of the products we sell require recalls. The details of each recall and who is managing the recall process will be listed below. Under Australian Law, all warranties and recalls can be handled directly with us, the retailer, but that is not always the quickest option. We do suggest contacting the relevant person listed on each recall, but if no one is listed or you are not able to contact them, always contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 ABSAFE.

Rock Exotica ENFORCER Recall:

Issue Date:   December 2016

Affected Products:  Enforcer Load Cells, manufactured prior to 2nd August 2016.

Instructions:   Inspect the 10 digit serial number on your device to determine whether your Enforcer is subject to recall. As shown below, the first two digits of the number refer to the year of manufacture. The three digits following the year of manufacture refer to the day of manufacture during the year. All units indicating a manufacture date prior to 16214XXXXX (manufactured in 2016 on the 214th day of the year) are subject to recall. All units produced ON or AFTER this date are NOT subject to recall. The serial number is laser engraved on the side or back of the device.

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If you purchased one from Absafe and it needs return, please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

DMM Karabiner Recall:

Issue Date:   September 2015

Affected Products:  DMM Karabiners, A36# Aero HMS, A91# Captive Eye, C41# 10mm Steel Offset D, A872 Belay Master, A84# Klettersteig, C81# 12mm Steel Offset D, A89# Boa 25kN, A33# Ultra D, C84# 12mm Steel Klettersteig, A90# Boa 30kN , A82# Zodiac, C85# 12mm Steel Boa, A98K# Sidewinder, C45# 10mm Steel Oval, C96# Steel Captive Eye.

DMM are issuing a product recall, subject to user inspection. In a small percentage of karabiners the interaction between the internal coil spring (which gives the gate its closing action) and the gate pusher (the component that holds the spring against the karabiner body) may cause the gate pusher to displace, potentially preventing the gate from closing or the mechanism from locking completely.

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Petzl Counterfeit Products:

Issue Date:   2014 ongoing

Affected Products:  Petzl Ascension, Petzl Spatha...

Petzl has to deal with counterfeit versions of its products on a regular basis. These counterfeit safety products do not comply with our stringent quality standards and pose a real danger to the user. The following is a thorough reminder of Petzl’s high standards in terms of safety, of the risks associated with using counterfeit products, and of the method for identifying these counterfeits.

Look For:  misspelt logo "Petzel", poor quality castings, etc

Petzl's instructions to rectify


Petzl ZigZag Recall:

Issue Date:   19 April 2013

Affected Products:     ZIGZAG Petzl mechanical Prusik for arborists 

On Friday, April 12, Petzl was informed of an accidental fall in a training center in Germany. This fall was related to a failure of the rope end attachment hole of the Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik. We have since been informed of another identical failure. These failures were the result of a particular configuration of a cantilevered and off-axis loaded upper carabiner.

Petzl believes that this incorrect positioning of the connector could inadvertently occur during normal use with the potential for serious injury or death. Continued use of the ZIGZAG poses a risk of serious injury or death.

Look For:  models before 2014

Petzl's instructions to rectify



S-Tec ENforcer - must only use correct carabiner:

Issue Date:   Not issued by manufacturer

Affected Products:     S-Tec ENforcer backup device 

It has come to the notice of Absafe that it is extremely important to follow the manufacturers' instructions precisely when choosing a carabiner to use with this product.

Absafe believes that most common carabiners are not suitable for use with this product, as they do not comply with the requirements of shape and size specified for use with the ENforcer. For example the popular new over-size, teardrop-section, I-section, or oval-section carabiners are NOT suitable.

This product currently requires 10mm round cross-section carabiner only. It is possible that a carabiner outside these specifications could affect (or prevent) the operation of the device, leading to an unsafe condition.

There is no problem with the product IF it is ONLY used with a correct carabiner.

Look For:  read manufacturer instructions on the correct carabiner type to use.