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SECURPULLEY Auto Braking Gin Wheel (with Fixed Mount Arm)

The safer, easier haul system; let go of the rope -the load stops automatically!

The Securpulley provides a far safer method of lifting materials with much less risk than conventional gin wheels. Made in Italy and is fully certified with SWL of 50kg. Securpulley is the only pulley designed for the building industry that conforms to the safety requirements of the Machinery Directive ECC 89/392. Backed up by the 'CE' mark. 

Weighing only 5kg, the installation process is rapid and user friendly.

Each SecurPulley™ is supplied with:

Rope Not included.


Weight:     4.6 kg

Rating:      50kg SWL (For hauling loads, Not for Life Support)

Maximum Height:   30m

Minimum Load to activate auto-brake:   8 kg