In any industry with at-risk workers, safety is always the top priority. Whether they’re working in a gas leak hazard area or a confined space, your workers need to be protected at all times. Safeguarding your workforce requires reliable real-time emergency incident monitoring and fast emergency response capabilities.

You also need to ensure your employees have properly maintained equipment to comply with government regulations and corporate safety policies. Honeywell Safety Suite is an integrated ecosystem of safety applications that helps you meet each of these requirements. The solution provides comprehensive worker-safety monitoring and gas-detection device management. Together, this end-to-end solution enhances safety, productivity, and compliance for industrial customers by using connected devices, analytics, and workflow automation. As a result, you have unified visibility, data, and device management capabilities to help keep your workers safe in the most challenging conditions.

HELPING FACILITY AND SAFETY MANAGERS ENSURE WORKER SAFETY Many industrial facilities require monitoring for hazardous gases to protect their workers and assets. Typically, this is accomplished with various gas detection instruments. These instruments must be maintained, gas exposure incidents reported and documented, and proof of compliance for all of the equipment provided to the appropriate regulatory body/agency. Additionally, industrial facilities need a reliable way to monitor worker safety and respond quickly to emergencies. Emergency response personnel need immediate incident monitoring and situational awareness.

A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION Honeywell Safety Suite is designed to address all these challenges:


Taking advantage of real-time detectors, you can remotely monitor the safety of workers and assets with real-time location information, geofence alerts, and detailed exposure detection, including advanced plume modeling. Incident playback capabilities help you analyze root causes and continuously improve safety procedures. In addition, alerts ensure the right people get critical alarms with customizable SMS and email notifications.


Minimize the time you spend on fleet management and safety monitoring by accessing consolidated data in dashboards and reports for multi-site management. Automating maintenance tasks, such as scheduled email reports, gas-detector firmware updates and data downloads helps your team manage day-to-day tasks with efficiency.


Compliance management is simplified through alerts that help you manage detectors that are out of compliance. You can also ensure consistency and compliance by reviewing summaries of upcoming calibrations and bump-tests.


Honeywell Safety Suite is designed for how you work. It works with your existing technology, in the cloud, or on-premises, across a wide range of wireless technologies and gas detection instruments, with the scalability and performance required for safety-critical operations

Honeywell Safety Suite enables better visibility through an integrated software solution that monitors workers’ exposure to gas and their location in real time. Honeywell Safety Suite enables visibility for worker safety in emergency response, plants, and remote locations. The solution relays data from your fleet of wireless monitors to a centralized system for a comprehensive view of worker safety. Through a single on-screen view, the solution’s command center instantly aggregates and displays device status, alarms, and sensor readings, empowering safety professionals to make intelligent, time-critical decisions. Extending Remote Monitoring with Safety Communicator Industrial workers often work in environments without a consistent wireless connection, which can make staying connected challenging. By using Safety Communicator, an app available for use with both industrial-grade and non-industrial- grade smartphones, central command centers with Honeywell Safety Suite can receive data from the worker’s instrument via Bluetooth®. They can then view and receive alerts on worker safety and view workers’ locations to provide fast help in case of emergency. Safety Communicator enables you to get wireless connectivity without the expense of a private network because it utilizes cellular connectivity for data transmission. Safety Communicator helps ensure continuous wireless monitoring when a worker is out of cellular coverage.