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Flashlights are some of the most useful tools to have around and have come a long way since their invention in 1899. These practical devices offer portable electric lighting in many different forms for safety work, rugged activities or the outdoors!

Here are our favourites.


The LED LENSER H8R is one of our brightest and bet selling headlamps on the market. With 600 powerful lumens of bright white light, this LED headlamps offers Ledlensers patented Advanced Focus System, which help you to focus.

Perfect for, use around the home, farm, or hiking. For instance when your head is stuck in the engine compartment of the car.


A compact design combined with cutting edge lightning technology makes the Pelican 7600 one of the best all round flashlights on the market.

Performance surpassing 900 lumens coupled with a USB rechargeable lithium ion battery are just the beginning of this multi-talented product. In addition to the extreme high performance white LED light output, a red and green LED are included. These additional colors provide values such as night vision preservation and can be used for traffic control when partnered with a slip-on wand accessory.

Perfect for, marksmen, soldiers, and law enforcement officers were able to concentrate a powerful light beam to disorient almost blinding their enemies.


The Pelican 3415RA flashlight features Pelican's revolutionary Correct Colour Technology and is safe for usage in hazardous settings¬†is super advanced when it comes to seeing and distinguishing colours for work where you can not afford to make a mistake. The Pelican 3415MCC has a 90¬į tilting head and a magnetised rear clip.

Perfect for, fire fighters, miners, electrical or petrol industry workers or any industry that requires lighting for hazardous use. Please check the approval ratings of the product you are choosing and match against the industry requirement for your lighting devices. 

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