Choosing the right Winter Gear

Choosing the right Winter Gear

Winter may be here but work never stops. On a construction site, winter doesn’t just give you a chill, it also brings a whole bunch of potential hazards. From serious falls caused by slipping on wet surfaces, to rain damaged equipment. Cold temperatures require specific countermeasures to ensure a safe and productive site during the winter months.

Make sure to follow these tips when choosing your safety gear to ensure a safe winter

PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT:  Winter (PPE) can often be bulky and limit mobility which may result in unnecessary hazards to workers. It’s important to balance protection against the cold and the hazards of the job task, while still allowing flexibility to complete all tasks.

Selecting PPE that best suits the task and the conditions will ensure the risk of injury is mitigated to a level as low as possible without compromising productivity. 

GLOVES need to be heavy and durable, but with the right fabric and texture to allow you to remain dexterous. They should also be durable and waterproof in case of rain, melting snow, and ice. 

Waterproofing is as important for gloves as it is for boots. Insulated gloves and boots keep your feet warm and dry. If moisture gets in, amount of layers will keep your feet warm. They also need to be breathable, so perspiration can get out. 

FOOTWEAR should provide adequate traction with a rubber role when working at winter construction sites to reduce the chance of slipping. Make sure to choose a boot that is insulated and warm to keep feet warm coupled with heat wicking socks.