. How to get Trade discounts at Absafe!
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Absaver is a Trade Program designed so you & your business can receive:

• Exclusive VIP Pricing
• Special Offers
• A Seamless Shopping Experience

Plus a stack of benefits on the widest range of products to help you get your job done! All you need to apply is have a corporate or trade ABN to claim those amazing discounts. Key benefits of program are:

Absaver Trade Discounts
An Absaver Trade Account gets you instant access to discounted prices. Whether you’re buying one item every day, or one hundred items at once, you’ll get the benefits of being a business buyer.

Absaver Range of Products
Receive unparalleled access to Australia’s premium brands of specialist safety & work equipment, with thousands of stocked items & access to a range of quality brand. If we haven’t got it already, we can get it for you!

Absaver Online Benefits
Absaver Online allows you to keep items in your cart across multiple devices, check your past orders, save your details for easy purchasing & instantly see your savings. No more waiting for quotes, or guessing your discount percentages, your Absaver Trade discount is visible on every product!

Visit: absaver.com.au to apply!

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