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Each year there are serious incidents where workers have fallen from ladders. While workers in construction, retail & building maintenance are most commonly injured, any worker using a ladder – at any height – is at risk.

Taking proper precautions with ladders begins with choosing the right ladder. Consider the type of work the ladder will be used for, the weight the ladder must carry, and the condition of the ladder. Ladders should only be used for simple access jobs or for a short duration. If you can work from ground level or using an alternative like scaffolding; do so.

But if a ladder is your only option, here are some ways to prevent injuries from occurring:

 Choose the right ladder for the job. It should meet Australian Standards, rated for industrial use and should be a suitable type for the job.
 Inspect the ladder for damage before each use.
• Think about whether there is a safer way to do the work than standing on a ladder.
• Do as much prep work on the ground as possible
• Ensure all working areas and access ways are clean, level, well-lit and in good condition
• Place a portable step ladder so that all feet have secure footing.
• Always face the ladder when moving up or down.
• Always have three points of contact with the ladder for proper balance.
• Do as much prep work on the ground as possible
• Never stand on the top step or the very top of the step ladder.

Remember not to:
• Overload
• Overreach
• Work near openings
• Have more than one person on the ladder at one time

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