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With their new-range harnesses - the Ignite Series, Skylotecis setting new benchmarks with regard to ergonomics and design. The personal protection equipment (PPE) against falls from a height is designed such that the user hardly notices it when wearing and consequently enjoys wearing it. The harnesses from this series are available in different versions suitable for almost all scopes of application, and they represent a genuine relief for all who need to be secured when working at heights.

Employees who have to climb to heights for work in industrial environments, building sites or wind power plants must secure themselves against falling by using personal protection equipment (PPE) against falls from a height. For selection of the correct PPE against falls from a height, optimum fit of a harness and its ease of handling are decisive aspects. In this context, the IGNITE SERIES by SKYLOTEC sets new standards. The many sophisticated details that give the new harness series an advantage over conventional products include, for example, padding that is specifically designed for human anatomy and ensures optimum distribution of loads. In this way, the weight no longer rests on the shoulders only but is distributed to the hips. For employees who have to wear their harness on a daily basis for several hours, this is a substantial relief. Severely aching muscles and/or tenseness in the shoulder and neck area are therefore history. The new safety harnesses are hardly noticed by users while working.

Four models including: the ION, TRION, PROTON, and ARGON.  

High wearing comfort and ease of handling

Another intelligent detail feature of the IGNITE SERIES is a new adjuster mechanism. It prevents the harness straps from loosening accidentally. That is a problem frequently encountered by users of fall protection harnesses. They consider it cumbersome to repeatedly having to re-fasten their straps because they are constantly in motion. In contrast to that, the models of the IGNITE SERIES harness range do not loosen, even at constant movement. Wearing comfort and ease of handling are important criteria for users to enjoy wearing their PPE against falls from a height. If a harness does not comply with these properties, this may even result in users not wearing the equipment required by law, at all.

When developing the IGNITE SERIES, SKYLOTEC also put a focus on making application and handling of the harnesses as easy as possible for the users. This is particularly important for users who only use their PPE against falls from a height sporadically. For example, the main attachment points of all models are designed in a striking orange colour to facilitate identification and prevent incorrect use. The importance of details such as this is revealed by statistics: Often, the underlying cause for occurrence of work accidents is not that the person involved did not wear their PPE against falls from a height. Rather, the main reason is that the equipment was incorrectly used.

All safety harnesses are available in 3 sizes.





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