Picking the right gloves for the job ūüߧ

Picking the right gloves for the job ūüߧ
Most jobs on site are already tough so having a possible hand injury is something you want to avoid at all costs. Nothing helps¬†prevent injuries better than a pair of high-quality work gloves‚ÄĒthey reduce the risk of occupational injury by up to 70%.

Different work environments call for different types of work gloves, and picking the right one will make your job easier! 

Consider the hazards you face every day to choose the right glove for you:

Cuts & Punctures
If your work involves handling sharp building materials & power tools, you need to get cut or puncture-resistant gloves. These will reduce the occurrence of sharp or blunt punctures. Choose gloves made of NBR foam coating and HPPE fibre, as these materials are known for their high tensile strength. We recommend UVEX UNIDUR UD6659 CUT PROTECTION WORK GLOVES 
as they can not be pierced by nails, glass & other objects which means your gloves will remain durable & flexible.

Water and Chemicals
Construction work could expose you to dangerous liquids. Latex gloves such as PROCHOICE SILVERLINED LATEX RUBBER HOUSEHOLD GLOVES will cove as far as your forearms  which is ideal when you’re working with oils, acids & various solvents. Similarly, outdoor construction jobs that involve working around concrete, mortar, and tar will call for gloves with special rubber coatings to protect your hands from these harmful materials.

Bruising and Blistering
Thick, impact-resistant gloves with extra padding are a great option for most heavy construction jobs. Opt for gloves with reinforced palms, knuckle guards, or padded fingers like TECHNIQUE GRIPPS IMPACT GLOVE - CUT 5. These features will protect your hands by absorbing the motion of vibrating power tools, heavy blows & repetitive movements, which will help keep bruising, chafing & blistering at bay.

If your work involves being around live wires, you need as much protection from electric shock as possible. Rubber gloves like VOLT SAFETY INSULATED GLOVES are ideal at providing needed protection. Avoid anything made from metallic materials, and be sure to check if your glove is conductive before use.

Heat and Cold
You need ample protection from heat and cold when working in extreme environments. Cold-resistant gloves like PROCHOICE LEATHER GLOVES  provide internal insulation to help create thermal heat & keep your hands dry.

Picking a one-size-fits-all glove will not always work, especially if your job demands that you protect yourself from hazards that change from day to day. Take time assessing your job and pick a glove that will offer ample protection, dexterity, comfort, and durability for the task!