Stay safe this Easter! ūüźá

Stay safe this Easter! ūüźá
With Easter around the corner we always encourage safe behavior & ensure everyone has a happy holiday period. With many people heading outdoors for a break there is always a variety of potential emergencies. It's important to make sure you're prepared before hand with the essential travel items!

A Lightweight Bag - Your carry-on is the thing that you keep at your side throughout your entire journey! This means two things, firstly it should be lightweight and easy to carry, and second, it should be packed with things you want easily accessible or extra-secure. We love the durable Petzl Bucket Backpack as it is light & the ability to carry it on your back is priceless during long trips.

Snake & Spider Bite Kit - We're still in amongst snake season, so it's important to remain vigilant even though it's no longer summer. The FastAid Snake 'n' Spider Bite Kit is compact and lightweight, it'll go anywhere - backpack, glove box, tent and site office! It's a must-have addition to any first aid kit.

Utility Case - No matter if you’re using a backpack, a duffel or a large, hard-sided suitcase, you’re going to need a little extra storage to keep your gear safe and secure. Stock up on hard-sided cases like the Pelican Trimcast Spacecase for all your fragile or sensitive personal items, such as your phone, laptops, irreplaceable jewelry and passports.

A Headlamp or a Torch - is a MUST-HAVE and very important essential for trekking, camping and a hiking trip, you never know at what time you will reach your destination, so a light resource is mandatory. We recommend the Pelican 3315R Torch as it is lightweight and ultra compact and will provide over 34 hours of continuous run time light for any obstacle you may encounter.

A Pocket Knife - sometimes on holidays things can go wrong however one mishap doesn’t have to derail your camping weekend or your commute. With a good multitool in your arsenal, you can handle quick repairs and hands-on tasks with ease (and without carrying an entire toolbox). We recommend the Leather Signal as it has all the traditional functional tools like bottle openers, pliers and awesome features such as emergency whistles and fire starting rods.
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